The Rebuilding of God (1978 book)

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The Rebuilding of God
Pub. date 1978
Language English
USCO Reg. TX0000224764

The Rebuilding of God is a guide book detailing what is referred to as the Colonie, a post-nuclear survivalist organisation, the authorship attributed to one John III with rights reserved by The Foundation. The title page reads: "This book has been printed with numerous errors in spelling, grammar and punctuation at the request of the group holding the rights to the original manuscript[...] Since the original author of the book, John III, and his assistant were assassinated it was thought best to preserve the idea content in the exact form that it had been left."[1]


  • The Rebuilding of God, The Foundation, ©1978 

Table of Contents

  • The sequence; Nuclear war scenario -- Revolution by survival -- Peoples' lobby -- Basic psychic training manual -- Warning -- A primitive cyclical theory of the universe -- Introduction to the colonie -- The colonie structure -- How the inner society will replace the outer society -- The deadly game of uncontrolled capital flows -- How excessive amounts of wealth in the hands of private individuals destroys democracy -- The vanguard of the colonie -- Collective consciousness -- Colonie programing -- Collective speak -- How the colonie will defend itself from the violence of the outer society -- The discipline and duty of colonie members -- The weapons of the colonie -- Communities for survival -- The cooperative economic system -- The tactics of the non-violent use of moral and psychological force -- Basic exercise routine -- 6 meal a day balanced diet -- Basic sexual training program -- Uncovering true I.Q. potential by self hypnosis -- The probable origin of our species i.e. (cromagnon man).