The Discipline of a Psychic Warrior (1978 book)

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The Discipline of a Psychic Warrior
Pub. date 1978
Language English
USCO Reg. TX0000249028

The Discipline of a Psychic Warrior is a book of social commentary and a self-help guide, credited as being copyrighted by S.S.N. 029-34-9765 with rights reserved by The Foundation. The content of the book is similar to many letters to the editor that were submitted by Ralph W. Paulson, the copyright registrant, and published in Boston area newspapers, including the Herald and the Globe.


Table of Contents

Title Dedication

"This book is dedicated to those who will suffer and die in the struggle to save our Planet."


  •      1. Wife Beating Pages (4-10)
  •      2. Women's Liberation and Stereo-Type of Roles Pages (11-13)
  •      3. Social Frustration and S-M Behavior Pages (13-21)
  •      4. Panama Canal Pages (21-23)
  •      5. Do's and Don'ts of Professional Boxing Pages (23-35)
  •      6. Authority Roles in Marriage Pages (35-45)
  •      7. Rape, a Complex Social Phenomenon Pages (45-50)
  •      8. Human Evolution and Genetic Tampering Pages (50-52)
  •      9. God's Prayer a Modern Revision Pages (52-54)
  •      10. Sports Letter "Back Spasms" Pages (54-55)
  •      11. Mental Illness, Preventative and Rehabiliative Methods of Treatment Pages (55-58)
  •      12. European Defense Pages (58-60)
  •      13. Bank Robbery Defense Pages (60-61)
  •      14. Car Pooling Pages (61-62)
  •      15. Recycling of Mice and Men Pages (62-63)
  •      16. Team Boxing Pages (63-65)
  • C. 17. Greed the Psychological Force of Evil Pages (65-72)
  •      18. A Logical Solution for the Olympics Page 72
  •      19. How Salary Sharks Destroy Youth Organizations in Our Society Pages (73-83)
  •      20. A Healthy Olypic Program Pages (83-84)
  •      21. Prison Farms Pages (84-86)
  •      22. Greed in Pro Sports Pages (86-87)
  •      23. How to End Street Prostitution Pages (87-88)
  •      24. The Political Power Mania Pages (88-90)
  •      25. How to Reduce Tobacco and Alcohol Problems Pages (91-92)
  •      26. Rhodesia Pages (92-93)
  •      27. Voluntary Euthanasia Pages (93-95)
  •      28. Indirect Presidental Selection Pages (96-98)
  •      29. Northern Ireland Pages (98-100)
  •      30. When is Criminal Activity Morally Defenseable Pages (100-101)
  •      31. Hand Guns and Society Pages (101-102)
  •      32. Star Trek Pages (102-103)
  • C. 33. Peace in the Middle East Pages (103-105)
  •      34. Safe Contraception Pages (105-106)
  •      35. Black Education Fund Pages (106-108)
  • C. 36. Freedom of Religious Thought Pages (108-109)
  •      37. Controlled Legalization of Hallucinogenic Drugs Pages (110-111)
  •      38. Breast Cancer Pages (111-112)
  •      39. How to Stop a Tornado Pages (112-113)
  •      40. Nuclear Powered Cargo Subs Pages (113-114)
  •      41. CIA Pages (115-116)
  • C. 42. Democratic Leadership in the Colonie Pages (116-119)
  •      43. Vampirism and Unitarianism Pages (119-122)
  •      44. Is Mars a Destroyed Planet Pages (122-123)
  •      45. California Earth Quake Pages (123-125)
  •      46. The Death of a Working Women Pages (125-126)
  • C. 47. The Dangers of Marijuana Pages (126-128)
  • C. 48. The Last Trumpet will Sound Pages (128-129)
  • C. 49. How to Train your mind to do Telepathy and Empathy Pages (129-132)
  •      50. Land and Labor Pages (133-134)
  •      51. Dual System of Justice Pages (134-135)
  •      52. Intelligent Limits of the First Amendment Pages (135-136)
  • C. 53. True and False Revolutionaries Pages (137-142)
  •      54. Saving the Porpoises Pages (143-144)
  • C. 55. The Twelve Positive Commandments for Colonie Members Pages (144-145)
  • C. 56. The Twelve Negative Commandments for Colonie Members Pages (145-147)
  • C. 57. Nuclear War Prevention Pages (147-148)
  •      58. A Practical Educational System Pages (149-150)
  •      59. Buy American Campaign Page (151)
  •      60. CIA Logical Revision Pages (152-153)
  • C. 61. How a Nation is Destroyed? Pages (153-155)
  •      62. Nuclear Powered Cargo Subs Pages (155-156)
  • C. 63. Who Killed President Kennedy Pages (156-158)
  •      64. Womens' Liberation and the Increasing Divorce Rate Pages (158-160)
  • C. 65. The Discipline of a Psychic Warrior Pages (160-179)
  •      66. The Guru Con Game Pages (179-181)
  • C. 67. The Survival Role of the Military Pages (181-182)
  • C. 68. The Formation of the Collective Screen Pages (183-215)

Several of the chapters or articles in the collection are marked in the table of contents with a "C.", suggestive that they are of particular interest to the Colonie.


Before a person can develop their abilities in both telepathy and empathy they must first overcome all the negative programming that the establishment has given them. Mental energy or the Order Property (which is God's pure mental energy), can not be directly viewed or analyzed by scientific instruments, because of two reasons; 1. Mental energy or the Order Property is completely different from matter and energy and all our scientific instruments are designed to only deal with matter and energy. 2. the Order Property is controlling the nature of matter and energy in the instruments used for analysis, and this violates the first rule of scientific analysis, i.e. that which is being analyzed can not directly interact with the instru­ments used to perform the analysis.

There is only one way to directly view the Order Property, and that is to lower the mental barriers in ones mind either by discipline and years of practice, such as a sorcerer does, or by the use of psycho-chemicals. The use of psycho-chemicals is dangerous, because it as drops the mental barriers to the subconscious and thus opens up the possibility of a night­ mare trip. If there are any atheists or agnostics or scientists that doubt the existence of God's pure intelligence i.e. the Order Property, then I suggest that you travel to a Nation where it is legal to use psycho-chemicals, hire a good trip guru, and then use some of the milder psycho-chemicals, such as mescaline. Try to stay away from LSD because it is so strong. Allow yourself 3 or 4 weeks to come back down to reality (physical reality), and to get your mind and person­ality structure back into reasonable shape. You do not wish to return to your lab laughing and gigling like a 5 year old child. The trip guru is essential to ensure that you have the proper mental state before and after, in other words, easy up and easy down, the idea is to make a brief and enjoyable contact with God's pure intelligence (Order Property), and not to turn yourself into a babling psychotic. If a person has any serious personal problems occuring, they should never touch psycho-chemicals and they should never be used in this Country because they are illegal.


In order to be a good psychic warrior one must give up this personal attach­ment to ones personality structure and mental functioning. Your entire being must just be another object to be analyzed and dissected.


When the minds of a thousand psychic warriors (Stable Diffusion, 2022).jpg

There have always been those forces that advocated reli­gious and moral restraints to warfare and exploitation, but they have not been listened to, by in large, because they had no enforcement powers. The creation of the collective screen will give those groups interested in the survival of our species and obedience to God's plan the power to force the ruling elites of every Nation to do our bidding, to put away the im­plements of war, to stop experimenting with mutant viruses, to concentrate our collective World energies on producing an orderly World Community where millions do not live in poverty, hunger and fear. The members of the ruling elites in each Nation can either do our bidding and conduct them­selves in a humane and rational manner, or we will discipline them will mental pain and if they fail to get the hint, then we will have no other option but to remove them by causing them to suffer massive cerebral hemorrage. When the minds of a thousand psychic warriors, properly trained and disci­plined, transmitt their mental energy through the order property into one mind, the result will be devastating.


The forces of madness, like a huge snowball rolling down hill, have had a chance to build up a dangerous momentum. The battle to save our planet is by no means a light hearted endeavor that will be guaranteed to end in victory, it will be an all out struggle against the most powerful forces of evil and destruction ever seen on this Earth. Only the tempered steel of disciplined psychic warriors who are morally and intellectually strong will be able to withstand the heat of battle. Many of our numbers will be persecuted and killed, but if we fail all will be destroyed.