Templo Vegetal Sakroakuarius

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Templo Vegetal Sakroakuarius
Formation c. 1986
Headquarters Taladro, Santander, Colombia
Leader Jah Kelium Zeus Induzeus
- Samael Johav Bathor Weor

The Templo Vegetal Sakroakuarius (Sakroakuarius Vegetable Temple) is a Colombian religious commune, active in the Santander Department, professing an eclectic form of Judeo-Taoism (sometimes referring to themselves as "True Jewish Tao People") with an active flying saucer lean. The Sakroakuarian belief system holds their leader, Jah Kelium Zeus Induzeus, to be a Levite priest and Messiah, vessel of the Living God (a.k.a. Jesus Christ, Lao-Tse, etc.), and that his son, Samael Johav Bathor Weor, is the re-incarnation of Samael Aun Weor (1917-1977).

The commune was the subject of Colombian police action during late 2004 in relation to accusations of the leadership's involvement in the assassination of former members, kidnapping, and involvement in the opium trade.[1] The leadership is reported to have evaded capture, and there have been no direct follow-up actions against the group in the years since.



  1. 04BOGOTA12275_a: Fiscalia Investigates Taoist Community in Santander Department,, 2004-12-01,, "On November 25, a team of Fiscalia prosecutors and judicial investigators -- accompanied by approximately 400 personnel from the Colombian National Police (CNP), Colombian Army (COLAR), Department of Administrative Security (DAS), and Colombian Institute of Family Welfare (ICBF) -- raided the Templo Vegetal Sakroakuarius, a Taoist commune located in rural Taladro municipality, Santander Department. The raid was based on information provided by eight former commune members alleging the commune's leadership was engaged in illegal activities, including opium production and kidnapping. Some informants alleged the commune holds some residents there against their will. According to media reports, four of the eight informants have been murdered by hitmen in the past three months. The remaining four have been placed in the Fiscalia's witness protection program."  [U.S. gov't consular cable.]