Jah Kelium Zeus Induzeus

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Jah Kelium Zeus Induzeus
Born Luis Gustavo Morales Sierra
(1940-03-14) 14 March 1940 (age 84)
Sierra Nevada del Cocuy, Colombia
Nationality Colombian
Known for Templo Vegetal Sakroakuarius
Spouse(s) Omaira Calderón
Children Samael Johav Bathor Weor

Jah Kelium Zeus Induzeus (b. March 14, 1940), also known as Luis Gustavo Morales Sierra, is a Colombian religious leader, founder of the Templo Vegetal Sakroakuarius, a self-described syncretic "Judeo-Taoist" commune (with Gnostic and Saucerian beliefs), who is held to be a Levite priest and Messiah, the vessel of the Living God, etc., by his followers.