Rufus King Noyes

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Rufus King Noyes
Rufus King Noyes - photo portrait, c. 1906.jpg

Photo portrait, c. 1906

Born 24 May 1853(1853-05-24)
Hampstead, Rockingham Co., New Hampshire
Died 31 August 1942 (89)
Atkinson, Rockingham Co., New Hampshire

Rufus King Noyes (May 24, 1853 - August 31, 1942) was an American physician and noted anti-vaccinationist who was the second president of the Bellevue Medical College diploma mill in the early 1880s. Of some interest, during the same period he was involved in the Bellevue scheme, Noyes reputedly trained Mary Baker Eddy, founder of Christian Science, in the practice of obstetrics and was briefly listed as a member of the faculty of her Metaphysical College; it was a short-lived relationship, however, as the two were said to have broken company over Noyes' diagnosis of Asa Gilbert Eddy's death as being the result of a heart attack rather than mesmeric poisoning.

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