Bellevue Medical College of Massachusetts

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Bellevue Medical College of Massachusetts
Motto Non est vivere, sed valare, vita ("Life is not only living, but living in health.")
Formation 25 May 1880
Dissolution c. 1883
Purpose/focus Mail-order medical degrees
Headquarters Boston, Massachusetts
Key people Alfred Booth, Charles J. Eastman, May R. Eastman, Rufus King Noyes

Bellevue Medical College of Massachusetts (Latin: "Collegium Medicum Bellevue in Civitate Massachutense") was a Boston, Massachusetts-based scholastic enterprise (diploma mill), initially organised by Alfred Booth and Charles J. Eastman and chartered on 25 May 1880, with Rufus King Noyes taking Booth's place as president a year later and May R. Eastman becoming secretary. The college was in operations, legally, until 30 June 1883 when the Massachusetts legislature passed laws forbidding the conferring of medical degrees by corporations unless authorised by the state.

Despite the shuttering of the operation, at least one member of the faculty, Samuel G. Ginner, continued to offer blank diplomas from the concern well into October 1884, giving a price of $75 for the M.D., with further opportunities for the purchaser to earn a $25 commission as a local agent selling the same diplomas.

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