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Ralstonism is a program of self-improvement that was devised by Webster Edgerly (1852-1926), an American attorney, actor, and author who wrote under the pseudonyms Everett Ralston and Edmund Shaftesbury. It was originally promoted through the auspices of Edgerly's Ralston Health Club, and continued to be promulgated by the Ralston Society, which published Edgerly's books after his death in addition to those of Napoleon Hill.

Selected Reading

Ralston Health Club

Esoteric Ralstonism

  • Shaftesbury, Edmund (1903), The Adam-man Tongue: The Universal Language of the Human Race, Washington, D.C.: Ralston Publishing Company, 
  • Shaftesbury, Edmund; The Committee of the Society, eds. (1907), Book of the Psychic Society, a Study of the Unseen Powers that Surround Human Life, Based on Fixed Natural Laws, Washington, D.C.: Ralston Company, 
  • Shaftesbury, Edmund (1908), Book of Glame: A Complete Course in Life Electricity; The Source of Vitality, Washington, D.C.: Ralston University Publishing Company 
  • Shaftesbury, Edmund (1926), Thought Transference: Or, the Radio-Activity of the Human Mind, Based on the Newly Discovered Laws of Radio Communication Between Brain and Brain, Meriden, Conn.: The Ralston University Press 
  • Shaftesbury, Edmund (1926), Future Seeing and Philosophy of Philosophies: A Study of Coming Events, Conditions, and Transactions Based on the Well Established Law That All Future Occurrences are Absolutely Controlled By Unvarying Lines of Causation That Are Discernible in Present Day Activities, Meriden, Conn.: The Ralston University Press 
  • Shaftesbury, Edmund (1928), The Great Psychic: The Master Power of the Universe: a Study of the Origin, Meaning and Purpose of Those Controlling Influences that Precede, Attend and Follow Human Existence on Earth: an All-inclusive Educational System Based on New Sources of Knowledge, Meriden, Conn.: The Ralston University Press