Order of Eulis

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Order of Eulis
Purpose/focus Rosicrucianism; Eleusinian Mysteries
Headquarters Boston, MA
Supreme Grand Master Paschal Beverly Randolph

The Order of Eulis (or Brotherhood of Eulis) was an occult group, organised by Paschal Beverly Randolph, based ostensibly on Rosicrucianism and the Eleusinian Mysteries.[1]


  1. Gould, S. C., ed. (April 1905), Order of Eulis, "Arcane Societies in the United States", Historic Magazine and Notes and Queries 23 (4): 98,;view=1up;seq=116, retrieved 2016-05-12, "This Order was organized and propagated by Paschal Beverly Randolph. We think that its embryo was in Philadelphia, in the sixties. Subsequently Mr. Randolph organized it in Boston, Mass., at 89 Court Street, where he gathered about him several admirers, and projected the Order of Eulis. It flourished for some ten years, calling itself a Rosicrucian Society, but had scarcely any fundamentals pertaining to those of the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, nor even the Rosicrucians of modern times. Mr. Randolph wrote and published many books on mystical matters, some being out of print and some have been republished and can be obtained of the Randolph Co., Toledo, Ohio."