National Independent Spiritualist Association

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National Independent Spiritualist Association
Formation February 1917
Dissolution December 1925[1]
Legal status Dissolved by court order
Purpose/focus Spiritualism
Headquarters Los Angeles, California
Key people James H. Longden, H. J. Stevens, George Francis, W. A. Jackson, Edward K. Earle

The National Independent Spiritualist Association, Inc. was a Los Angeles, California-based Spiritualist accreditation body, incorporated in February 1917 by former members of the California State Spiritualists Association and working mediums who were previously refused standing by the CSSA. The corporation from the start was more lenient and profuse in the issuance of Spiritualist ordination credentials, extending papers to the likes of Charles Newman, Michael Angelo Crespo, and John Bertrum Clarke, whose criminal activities would draw the attentions of city authorities in the early 1920s, and from those cases back to NISA and its president, W. A. Jackson. The corporation was ultimately dissolved by the courts in December 1925 following conspiracy convictions of Jackson and other directors in a case litigated by City Prosecutor of Los Angeles J. M. Friedlander.

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  1. People v. National Independent Spiritualist Association. Los Angeles County. Action in quo warranto to forfeit corporate franchise. Judgment for plaintiff. Closed.