George Francis

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George Francis
Born 22 March 1871(1871-03-22)
Newlyn, Cornwall, England
Died 23 December 1937 (66)
Los Angeles, California
Affiliations Francis Church of Truth; N.I.S.A.
Known for Psychic medium
Spouse(s) Elizabeth Beckerleg Francis (m. 1892)

George Oben Francis (March 22, 1871 - December 23, 1937) was an English-born Spiritualist minister and medium, the namesake of the Francis Church of Truth (incorporated in 1921 at Los Angeles, California).

Selected Bibliography

  • Francis, George, Man, the Human Radio and Key to Knowledge 

Press Coverage

  • "Human Radio Pastor Expires In Los Angeles", Sacramento Bee (Sacramento, CA): 2, 24 Dec. 1937,, "Rev. George Francis [...] who regarded himself as a sort of human radio capable of receiving and reproducing 'thought waves,' died at his home today. In a book, Man, the Human Radio and Key to Knowledge, he contended man is like a radio set except that his 12,000,000,000 brain cells are not yet attuned to the thought waves of others."