Nandor Fodor

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Nandor Fodor
Born Nándor Friedländer
13 May 1895(1895-05-13)
Berengszasz, Hungary, Austro-Hungary
Died 17 May 1964 (69)
New York City, New York
Alma mater Budapesti Tudományegyetem (LL.D., 1917)
Affiliations National Laboratory of Psychical Research; Society for Psychical Research; The Ghost Club
Known for Psychical research

Nandor Fodor (May 13, 1895 - May 17, 1964) was a Hungarian-born psychoanalyst and parapsychologist of Jewish descent who wrote extensively on the paranormal and psychicism, including his efforts in the study of such phenomenon from a psychoanalytic perspective.

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