Mountain Devils of Mount St. Helens

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The southeast shoulder of Mount St. Helens.

Mountain Devils of Mount St. Helens is a press label for a group of crypto-hominids, "mountain gorillas," or otherwise unknown entities that were reported to have attacked a prospecting party - including Fred Beck, Roy Smith, and others - in early July 1924. According to news articles on the alleged incident, the creatures hurled stones and attacked the group's cabin at a gorge on the southeast shoulder of Mount St. Helens, some eight miles from Spirit Lake. Related articles from Native American contributors, including Jorg Totsgi of the Klallam (Clallam) Tribe, linked to incident to the activities of the Seeahtik, "strange giant Indians" with "hairy bodies like a bear," possessing knowledge of bird imitation, ventriloquism, and hypnotic suggestion.[1]

The Coverage


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