Mind Dynamics

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Mind Dynamics, Inc.
Formation 1970
Dissolution 1974
Legal status Dissolved
Purpose/focus Self-help courses
Headquarters Fort Worth, Texas;
San Rafael, California
Founder Alexander Everett
Key people William Penn Patrick

Mind Dynamics is a self-improvement program based around the teachings of Alexander Everett, in particular purporting to teach students how to control alpha brain waves "to solve all sorts of personal problems, get along better with other people, sense happenings through time and space and sometimes help other people overcome physical and mental problems,"[1] as well as increasing IQ, relieving physical pain, accelerating healing, and even improving extra-sensory perception.[2] Home lessons and seminars were formerly sold through Mind Dynamics, Inc., a San Rafael, California-based corporation co-owned by Everett and William Penn Patrick of Holiday Magic, the cosmetics distribution franchise company; similarly to Patrick's main business, Mind Dynamics was licensed to paying distributors, becoming a multi-level pyramid scheme. The corporation was sued in California by the attorney general for having "falsely misled" customers, and eventually shuttered in the mid-1970s.


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  • Church, Gene; Carnes, Conrad D. (1972), The Pit: A Group Encounter Defiled, Outerbridge & Lazard  — a narrative account of a four-day training at Hyatt House in Palo Alto, California for management of Holiday Magic, outlining the coursework at Mind Dynamics and Leadership Dynamics.


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