Masuaki Kiyota

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Masuaki Kiyota (清田益章)
Born (1962-04-30) 30 April 1962 (age 61)
Adachi Ward, Tokyo, Japan

Masuaki Kiyota (清田 益章, Kiyota Masuaki) is a Japanese self-professed psychic (エスパー, esper). Kiyota became famous as a child psychic in the 1970s after television appearances during which he was supposed to have bent spoons using telekinesis, similarly to Uri Geller, and to have projected mental images onto photo film. In addition to these performances, Kiyota also claimed that he was in contact with an extraterrestrial being called Zenev (ゼネフさん) and had been teleported to Mars.

Selected Works

Other Media

  • マインドシーカー ["Mind Seeker"] (1989), a psychic training simulator game developed by Namcot with Kiyota, released for the Nintendo Famicom system.



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