Library of Curious and Unusual Facts (series)

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The Library of Curious and Unusual Facts is a series of eighteen books, originally published by Time-Life Books from 1990 through 1993, covering, as the title suggests, various curiosities in the sciences, society, and nature, though of a decidedly more conventional aspect when compared with topics covered in the same publisher's earlier series Mysteries of the Unknown.


Title USCO Reg. Pub. Summary
Feats and Wisdom of the Ancients TX0002907731 1990-06-15 "Looks at unusual accomplishments and artifacts of the past, including the Incan quipu, Damascus steel, Greek fire, prehistoric megaliths, and ancient games, calendars, and voyages."
Mysteries of the Human Body TX0002886185 1990-07-27 "Gathers little known facts about the human body, describes its surprising strength, and discusses Siamese twins, dwarfs, the senses, and diseases."
Forces of Nature TX0002940918 1990-09-07 "Looks at unusual natural phenomena, including earthquakes, volcanoes, sinkholes, unusual minerals, tornadoes, meteorites, glaciers, ball lightning, mirages, and rainbows The surface of the earth is usually a source of calm and comfort."
Amazing Animals TX0003128635 1990-11-30 "Presents surprising or unusual facts about the animal kingdom, discussing such creatures as the army ant, capuchin monkey, and hawksbill turtle."
Inventive Genius TX0003128636 1991-02-01 "Examines the contributions of inventors throughout history, including vulcanized rubber, the electric light, aniline dyes, Band-Aids, Velcro, and more."
Lost Treasure TX0003118539 1991-03-29 "Describes treasures lost throughout history in shipwrecks, thefts, and swindles, and the efforts that have been made over the years to retrieve them."
Vanishings TX0003119360 1991-05-17 "Contains fascinating facts about disappearances, including missing persons, lost worlds, extinct species, and more."
Mystifying Mind TX0003124952 1991-05-31 "Discusses the human mind and how it works, including brain functions, the unconscious, intelligence, memory, and creativity."
A World of Luck TX0003161047 1991-08-02 "Offers anecdotes and stories illustrating the nature of luck and fortune."
Hoaxes and Deceptions TX0003196736 1991-10-04 "Examines a variety of famous hoaxes and deceptions throughout history."
Crimes and Punishments TX0003309750 1991-12-06 "Looks at various crimes and penalties throughout history, including murders, gangs and gangsters, schemes and swindles, and cruel and unusual punishments."
Odd and Eccentric People TX0003268233 1992-02-07 "Offers brief profiles of eccentrics from all walks of life and depicts bizarre homes, gardens, and various creations."
Shadows of Death TX0003316088 1992-04-10 "Describes various views of death, funerals, burials, and ways of grieving."
Manias and Delusions TX0003360395 1992-06-05
Above and Beyond TX0003384845 1992-08-07
Science Astray TX0003423509 1992-10-09 "Describes the areas in which science has gotten away from the facts, including obsolete theories, the errors of distingushed scientists, attempts to make the facts fit the theory, and pseudo-science in the service of ideology."
All the Rage TX0003482327 1992-12-11 "Explores the curious and unusual facts about costumes, fashions, and other social aspects in relationship to the human body."
Odd Jobs TX0003497677 1993-02-12