Mysteries of the Unknown (series)

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Mysteries of the Unknown is a series of thirty-three books about various anomalistic, paranormal, religious, and related subjects of weird interest, originally published by Time-Life Books from 1987 through 1992 under the editorial management of Russell B. Adams, Jr. and Jim Hicks.


Title USCO Reg. Pub. Summary
Mystic Places TX0002155192 1987-07-24 "Explores places discovered to have been used in the past for sacred rituals and ceremonies of the occult." (Atlantis, Great Pyramid of Giza, Stonehenge, Nazca Lines, etc.)
Psychic Powers TX0002208008 1987-10-09 "Deals with ESP, mediums, shamans, psychics, and dowsers, and the phenomenon of Kirlian photography."
The UFO Phenomenon TX0002207531 1987-11-20 "Explores the phenomenon of UFOs, discussing individuals' experiences and sightings, and offering possible explanations."
Psychic Voyages TX0002326639 1988-03-14 "Explores the phenomenon of near-death experiences, examining different theories on why they occur."
Phantom Encounters TX0002301414 1988-04-08 "Examines the history and nature of the seemingly paranormal phenomena of ghosts and apparitions."
Visions and Prophecies TX0002366088 1988-06-10 "Looks at some of the prophets who have surfaced throughout history, and examines some of their visions and predictions."
Mysterious Creatures TX0002391869 1988-08-05 "Examines the legends and history of strange creatures. Describes mythological monsters, depicts the search for evidence concerning Bigfoot and the Loch Ness monster, and looks at movie creatures."
Mind Over Matter TX0002424618 1988-09-23 "Examines paranormal phenomena such as poltergeists, psychokinesis, and mind control."
Cosmic Connections TX0002540575 1988-11-18 "Explores man's earliest fascination with astronomy and the growth of astrology and discusses mysterious events throughout the world believed to have been foretold or affected by the positions of the stars."
Spirit Summonings TX0002551822 1989-01-20 "Traces the history of spiritualism and channeling, and includes interviews with modern-day 'channelers'."
Ancient Wisdom and Secret Sects TX0002547101 1989-03-24 "Examines many secret societies and secret initiations both from the past and the present."
Hauntings TX0002582943 1989-05-19 "Examines the legends of various haunted houses and presents possible explanations."
Powers of Healing TX0002633983 1989-07-28 "Explores the worlds of mental and spiritual healing, from shamanism and voodoo to acupuncture and hypnosis."
Search for the Soul TX0002667323 1989-09-22 "The Great Soul Trial. Celebrations for the Soul. Body and Soul: the Ghost in the Machine. From Hell to Heaven. The Soul and the Seance. Art From the Other Side. Science and the Soul."
Transformations TX0002722133 1989-11-17 "Examines the phenomena of werewolves, vampires, feral children, and other legendary monsters reported throughout history."
Dreams and Dreaming TX0002762412 1990-01-12 "Offers visual entryway and theories into the realm of the fascinating world of dreams and dreaming."
Witches and Witchcraft TX0002785390 1990-03-16 "A discussion of witches from the early days of witch hunts and tortures to the ceremonies and celebrations of witchcraft today."
Time and Space TX0002847464 1990-05-18 "Examines paranormal concepts in an attempt to explain time and space."
Magical Arts TX0002883213 1990-07-20 "Meticulously documented, vividly written, and filled with rare and unusual photographs, this volume examines the broad concept of magic and the practice of it."
Utopian Visions TX0002939044 1990-09-21 "Examines the history of the quest for the ideal life."
Secrets of the Alchemists TX0003049201 1990-11-23 "An illustrated survey & history of alchemy & alchemists both past and present including the rich contributions from the Orient and the contributions on the path to modern medicine."
Eastern Mysteries TX0003049200 1991-01-25 "An illustrated look at Asiatic religion, spirituality and mysticism."
Earth Energies TX0003096410 1991-03-22 "An illustrated look at spirituality based on the natural world. Surveys the puzzling phenomenons we have yet to learn about our planet and its mysterious energies."
Cosmic Duality TX0003167192 1991-05-24 "Shows the various ways which different cultures and religions have developed to deal with pairs of opposites such as life and death, male and female, and especially, evil and good."
Mysterious Lands and Peoples TX0003189573 1991-07-26 "Discusses legends of lost continents, examines claims that early humans were visited by extraterrestrials and given advanced knowledge, and looks at King Arthur, Prester John, Angkor Wat, Machu Picchu, Petra, and Easter Island."
The Mind and Beyond 1991-09-01 "Examines the relationship between the mind and the body, discusses auras, animal communication, brain disorders, memory, mental illness, cults, hypnosis, and virtual reality."
Mystic Quests TX0003266128 1991-11-29 "Examines the nature and history of seemingly paranormal phenomena such as the encounters of Ulysses, the search for Noah's ark, and for the Holy Grail."
Search for Immortality TX0003317740 1992-01-31 "Studies of man's search for youth and eternal life from ancient societies to modern day cryonics. Traces the quest for immortality throughout history and examines the many spiritual and scientific pathways that have been explored as methods to prolong life."
Mystical Year TX0003316798 1992-04-03 "The days of the solar year with mystical rites and mysterious occurrences, ranging from seasonal ghosts and demons to odd premonitions, extraplanetary visits, and time-honored rituals."
Psychics TX0003354809 1992-06-05 "Examines psychics and parapsychology in the fields of business, the military, and healing."
Alien Encounters TX0003389703 1992-08-14 "Reexamines the stories of individuals who claim to have been abducted by aliens, looks at supposed encounters from the past, and discusses crop circles, alien contact with early civilizations, and efforts to gather UFO evidence."
Mysterious World TX0003427906 1992-10-09 "Describes unexplained phenomena associated with particular locations."
Master Index and Illustrated Symbols TX0003476026 1992-11-13 "An illustrated guide to mystical symbols from all over the world and throughout history. Index entries are referenced to the various volumes of the series by a two-letter code."