Kickapoo Indian Sagwa

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Kickapoo Sagwa
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"Kickapoo Indian Sagwa" bottle illustration

a.k.a. "Nature's Remedy"
Medical Claims An all-natural tonic (made from roots, herbs, and barks) that acts as a blood purifier and laxative: "expels all poisonous secretions by the natural channels of the body, and enables the great vital organs to perform their natural functions."
Vendors Kickapoo Indian Medicine Company

Kickapoo Indian Sagwa was an American patent medicine, the centrepiece of the Kickapoo Indian Medicine Company's travelling medicine shows. Though promoted as a Kickapoo remedy, it was, in fact, a wholly original concoction of the company, having no genuine connection to traditional Kickapoo medicine.


One published formula for Indian Sagwa included: "Sodium bicarbonate, gentian root, mandrake root, cubebs, rhubarb root, senna leaves, aniseed, coriander seed, red cinchona bark, yellow dock root, burdock root, dandelion root, sacred bark, licorice root, aloes, alcohol (16.5%), glycerine, and water." [1]


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