Kickapoo Indian Medicine Company

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Trademark of the Kickapoo Indian Medicine Co., Inc., Clintonville, Conn.

The Kickapoo Indian Medicine Company was a patent medicine manufacturer and distributor, founded in 1881 by John E. Healy and "Texas Charley" Bigelow as "Healy & Bigelow Co", and reorganized in 1895 (following Healy's departure) as "Kickapoo Indian Medicine Co."[1] The company was responsible for the most well-known "Wild West"-themed medicine shows of the late 19th century, sending troupes of entertainers all across North America and Europe.

While the company promoted itself as a purveyor of traditional Kickapoo remedies, and indeed hired many native peoples to perform in their travelling medicine shows, they had no ties to any member of the Kickapoo nation.

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