Joseph Rodes Buchanan

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Joseph Rodes Buchanan
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As pictured in "Periodicity: the absolute law of the entire universe"

Born 11 December 1814(1814-12-11)
Frankfort, Kentucky
Died 26 December 1899 (85) [1]
San Jose, California
Nationality American
Alma mater University of Louisville, M.D. (1842)
Field(s) Medicine
Known for Psychometry, Sarcognomy

Joseph Rodes Buchanan (December 11, 1814 - December 26, 1899) was an American eclectic physician, a founder (and later opponent) of the Eclectic Medical Institute, and proponent of the theories of psychometry and sarcognomy.


Otto Juettner, in Daniel Drake and His Followers (1909), said of Dr. Buchanan: "He was a strange sort of a man, reserved and dignified, leading a secluded life and wrapt up in weird and semi-mystical researches in anthropology, sarcognomy, psychometry and occult subjects of a religious character. He was suspicious and restless, constantly at loggerheads with his colleagues."

Phrenology and Sarcognomy

Spiritualism and Psychometry

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