John E. Moray

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John E. Moray
Born 23 October 1928(1928-10-23)
Salt Lake City, Utah
Died 16 December 2021 (93)
Salt Lake City, Utah
Workplace(s) United States Army
Affiliations Cosray Research Institute; The House of Moray Ltd.; T. Henry Moray Foundation

John Eugene Moray (October 23, 1928 - December 16, 2021) was an American army officer and entrepreneur interested in the continuation of his father T. Henry Moray's areas of research, in particular methods of extracting radiant energy from the environment.

Political Campaigns

In 1984, Moray was nominated as the Utah lieutenant gubernatorial candidate of the Utah branch of the American Party, running with L. S. Brown. The ticket received 2158 votes of the 629,619 cast.

Selected Bibliography

  • Moray, T. H.; Moray, John E. (1964), Recovery of Minerals from Low Grade Ore by High Energy Bombardment, Salt Lake City, Utah: Research Institute, Inc. 


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