Joan O'Connell

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Joan O'Connell
Born September 11, 1933(1933-09-11)
Died August 29, 1984 (50)
Pinellas, Florida
Affiliations AFSCA; New Atlantean Research Society
Spouse(s) Ronald Whritenour (1963-1969); Patrick O'Connell

Joan Helene O'Connell (September 11, 1933 - August 29, 1984), also known as Joan Whritenour, was an American ufology author and publisher, notably the editor of Saucer Scoop and the New Atlantean Journal, and co-editor (with Brad Steiger) of Flying Saucers are Hostile! (1967) and Flying Saucer Invasion: Target - Earth (1969).

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