How to Contact Space People (1969 book)

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How to Contact Space People
Author Ted Owens
Cover artist Charles Jay
Publisher Saucerian Press
Location Clarksburg, W. Va.
Pub. date 1969
Language English
Subject UFO contact

How to Contact Space People is an English-language book by Ted Owens, an American contactee who boasted various psychic abilities that he said were given to him by Space Intelligences (Si's). The book documents Owens's claims of personal contact with the Si's, demonstrations of his reported powers, and provides the method for contact promised by the title, with the book itself acting as a conduit for communication, per Owens's promise that the original copies had been "coded (charged) so that whoever reads it will activate power from another dimension, placing the reader en rapport with the Si's."

Later editions published by Timothy Green Beckley were sold with purple discs included, described as replicas of discs Owens had formerly offered and intended to enable stronger communication with the Space Intelligences.



  1. My Early Experiments
  2. The UFO Intelligences
  3. The Michigan Monster
  4. The Great Blackout
  5. More Confirmation
  6. A Saucer Named "Floyd"
  7. Saucers Over Philadelphia
  8. The Peninsula Monster
  9. Another Great Blackout
  10. How You Can Contact The Si's


  • Introduction, by Hurley Pennington Galbraith
  • Questions: Chuck Jay — Answers: Ted Owens