Hermetic Brotherhood of Atlantis, Luxor and Elephante

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Hermetic Brotherhood of Atlantis, Luxor and Elephante

Emblem of Hermetic Brotherhood A.L.& E. (from "Three Sevens: a Story of Ancient Initiations")

Headquarters Chicago, Illinois;
San Francisco, California
First Elder Brother W. P. Phelon

The Hermetic Brotherhood of Atlantis, Luxor and Elephante (A.L.& E.), or simply the Hermetic Brotherhood, was an occult fraternity, organised by W. P. Phelon and Mira M. Phelon, which existed as a purveyor of publications on Hermetic Philosophy to paying brethren.[1]



  1. Gould, S. C., ed. (April 1905), The Hermetic Brotherhood, "Arcane Societies in the United States", Historic Magazine and Notes and Queries 23 (4): 87,;view=1up;seq=105, retrieved 2016-05-07, "This fraternity was organized in Chicago, Ill., some twenty years ago. It was designed to give the Hermetic Philosophy enquirers after Truth, outside the Hermetic Brotherhood. Its membership fee is $3.00, including five lessons. It has published several volumes of Hermetic works and its proceedings of the annual meetings. The headquarters of the Brotherhood is now at 509 Van Ness Avenue, San Francisco, Calif. Dr. W. P. Phelon was First Elder Brother, which office as instructor he has held many years; he died December 30, 1904. We have not been informed as yet who has been advanced to his chair."