H. S. Bellamy

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H. S. Bellamy
Born 29 March 1901(1901-03-29) [1]
Died 12 December 1982 (81)
Known for Writings on Glacial Cosmogony (Welteislehre)
Spouse(s) Rosie Wagner[2]

Hans Schindler (March 29, 1901 - December 12, 1982), more commonly known by his authorial pseudonym H. S. Bellamy, was an Austrian professor of English and writer interested in ancient astronauts, Atlantis and other lost civilisations, the ruins at Tiwanaku (Tiahuanaco), and the hypotheses of Hanns Hörbiger, the Bellamy translations and expansions on the World Ice theory being the first popular introductions of the subject to English-language readers.

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