H. Morgan Robinson (Prof. Helmann)

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Professor Helmann
Napoleon of Necromancy, Helmann the Great, in His Mysterious Entertainment - Courier Lithographing Co. of Buffalo, NY, c. 1899.jpg

Poster by Courier Lithographing Co. of Buffalo, NY, c. 1899.

Born Henry Morgan Robinson
1 May 1871(1871-05-01)
Baltimore, Maryland
Died 3 December 1909 (38)[1]
Washington, D.C.

Henry Morgan Robinson (May 1, 1871 - December 3, 1909), more commonly known as Professor Helmann and Helmann The Great, was an American stage magician active in the late nineteenth century, particularly in the District of Columbia and Virginia as the headliner of his Helmann Magician Company. In his advertising, Helmann was sometimes called the Napoleon of Necromancy, a title apparently borrowed from John Henry Anderson, the Great Wizard of the North.

Helmann was credited by Henry Ridgely Evans with being one of the first to work out a method of reproducing the cabinet tricks performed by the Davenport Brothers.

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