George Bush

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George Bush
Born 12 June 1796(1796-06-12)
Norwich, Windsor Co., Vermont
Died 19 September 1859 (63)
Rochester, Monroe Co., New York
Alma mater Dartmouth College; Princeton Theological Seminary

George Bush (June 12, 1796 - September 19, 1859) was an American theologist and Bible scholar, a professor of Hebrew and Oriental Literature at New York University, and a minister, first with the Salem Presbytery in Indiana and later the New Jerusalem Church (Swedenborgianism).

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In addition to his books, Bush was an editor and contributor to the periodicals The Hierophant: or, Monthly Journal of Sacred Symbols and Prophecy and The New Church Repository and Monthly Review, the latter being "devoted to the exposition of the philosophy and theology taught in the writings of Emanuel Swedenborg."