Elie Blanchette

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Elie Blanchette was an inventor who was reported in 1913 to be engaged in work on a perpetual motion machine.

Press Coverage

  • "Shines by Machine", Ogden Standard (Ogden City, UT): 16, 25 Oct. 1913,, "Not only has Blanchette gained fame as an inventor of a boot-blacking machine, on which he has appied for a patent, but he has also made many other remarkable discoveries and inventions, not the least among which is what he calls a perpetual motion device with 98 per cent power, which he hopes to improve to 100 per cent Blanchette is not the least discouraged by the fact that thousands of people before and after Keeley have failed in attempts to invent a perpetual motion machine, but feels certain he has it down fine — or at least that he has something that can be developed into something really worth while." 

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