Dr. Thomas' Eclectric Oil

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Dr. Thomas' Eclectric Oil
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a.k.a. Excelsior Eclectric Oil
Medical Claims The copy promises a cure for "Catarrh, Croup, Swelled Neck, Loss of Voice, Asthma, Lame Back, Crick n the Back, Contraction of the Muscles, Rheumatism, Neuralgia, Chronic and Bloody Dysentry, Burns, Frosted Feet, Boils, Warts, Corns, and Wounds of Every Description" [and] Piles, Kidney Troubles, and various other maladies.
Creator(s) S. N. Thomas
Year created ~1860s
Vendors S. N. Thomas; Excelsior Botanical Co.; Foster, Milburn & Co.; Nothrop and Lyman Co. (in Canada)
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Dr. Thomas' Eclectric Oil (also sold as Excelsior Eclectric Oil) was pain relief remedy and general cure-all created by S. N. Thomas in the 1860s. The formula was sold to Foster, Milburn & Co. in 1876, who continued to license and produce the oil into the early twentieth century.


A formula "similiar to Thomas" is given by "Fenner's complete formulary" (1889) as: "Camphor, ½ oz.; Oil Gaultheria, ½ oz.; Oil Origanum, ½ oz.; Chloroform, 1 oz.; Laudanum, 1 oz.; Oil Sassafras, 1 oz.; Oil Hemlock, 1 oz.; Oil Turpentine, 1 oz.; Balsam fir, 1 oz.; Tincture Guaiacum, 1 oz.; Tincture Catechu, 1 oz.; Alcohol, 4 pt.; Alkanet, sufficient to color." [1]




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