Crypto-Hominid Research Council

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Crypto-Hominid Research Council

Formation 1972

The Crypto-Hominid Research Council (CHRC) is a loosely-organised association of regional research and discussion groups, including chapters in Canada, the United States, and Colombia. The council is all devoted to the question of the "wild man cryptid-type known variously as Bigfoot, Sasquatch, [...] Yeti," etc.,[1] with particular interest in the study of more esoteric aspects of the phenomenon, including broader links to ufology and ghostology.

Selected Publications

  • Jimeno, Grif, ed. (1972-1978), Newsletter of the Crypto-Hominid Research Council, Seattle, Wash.: CHRC 
  • Jimeno, Griffith (1981), The Characteristic and Dimension of Encounter