Chan Thomas

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Chan Thomas
Born Chauncey Powers Thomas
15 February 1920(1920-02-15)
Kansas City, Clay County, Missouri
Died 14 February 1998 (77)
South Chatham, Massachusetts
Nationality American
Alma mater Columbia University (1943)

Chauncey "Chan" Powers Thomas (February 15, 1920 - February 14, 1998) was an American electrical engineer and psychic who authored a hypothesis of global cataclysms involving radical shifts in Earth's electromagnetic fields that increase the viscosity of the crust, causing rapid continental drift. During the 1950s, Thomas was a project engineer on Bell Aircraft's RASCAL missile guidance system and Douglas Aircraft's A4D Skyhawk program,[1] and was later employed in the late 1960s by McDonnell Douglas to work with Robert Wood's "Advanced Concepts" R&D team, which worked on UFO and other fringe science related projects.[2]

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  2. Wood, Robert M. (Oct. 2008), "McDonnell Douglas studied UFOs in 1960s; Project called BITBR for 'Boys in the Back Room'", MUFON UFO Journal (Fort Collins, CO: Mutual UFO Network): 3-8,, "[Thomas] had such outlandish claims that even some in our own group had difficulty accepting him. For example, he claimed that he trained some youngsters to guess 42 playing cards right out of 47 in an ESP test; and he made an appointment with a UFO captain from Andromeda to meet him one night near Joshua Tree (captain didn't show). Once, when I let Chan talk to an actual customer, he embarrassed us terribly when the guy called up and asked me why I hadn't fired him long ago. His value to me was his tremendously innovative mind. He was a totally 'out of the box' thinker."