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Etherians by Era

Etherian Era State Notes
E Yada Di Shi'ite 498,000 B.C. Yuga
Lao-Tse 5th century B.C. China During the Zhou Dynasty
Arakashi 14th century A.D. Punjab, Delhi Sultanate During the Tughlaq Dynasty
Kay Ting late 15th century A.D. Tibet During period of Phagmodrupa and Rinpungpa dynasties
Ramon Natalli early 17th century A.D. Rome
Lo Sun Yat 17th and 18th century A.D. Tibet, India
Sukoto Nikkioi 19th century A.D. Japan, India
Alfred Luntz 19th century A.D. England
Sister Theresa Vandenberg late 19th century A.D. United States of America
Maharajah Natcha Tramalaki late 19th century A.D. British India
Martin Lattimore Lingford early 20th century A.D. United States of America