Brotherhood of the West Gate

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Brotherhood of the West Gate
Motto "There is but one victory worth the struggle; there is but one world to conquer — the victory over self, the world within."
Headquarters Bridgton, ME; Boston, MA
- Charles H. Mackay
Main organ The Oracle

The Brotherhood of the West Gate was an American order, dedicated to "the solution of the esoteric mysteries of the microcosm,"[1] which ostensibly involved control of sexual energies and dream consciousness for higher occult purposes. Instruction in the work of the order was issued through mailed correspondence to local "nucleus" groups.


  • The Oracle ( — back issues of the West Gate Brotherhood's official organ


  1. Gould, S. C., ed. (November 1896), Brotherhood of the West Gate, "Masonic and Arcane Societies in the U.S.", Miscellaneous Notes and Queries 14 (11): 276,;view=1up;seq=290, retrieved 2016-10-15, "The Order of the West Gate. "Wealth, Fame, Power — ALL that the world can give sink into nothingness in the presence of restored INNER HARMONY." This is a Brotherhood earnestly engaged in the solution of the esoteric mysteries of the microcosm; a problem, rightly solved, re-opening Eden and ensuring harmony in all affairs — domestic, social, and national. While the Soul directs, there is Growth. The exponent of the West Gate Philosophy is The Oracle, and it is published at Bridgton, Maine."