Brotherhood of the Eternal Covenant

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Brotherhood of the Eternal Covenant
Secretary Kenneth Sylvan Guthrie
Main organ The Prophet

The Brotherhood of the Eternal Covenant was an American fraternal society, organised by Kenneth Sylvan Guthrie, for the purpose of aiding those who sought "the attainment of spiritual experience and communion."[1][2]



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  2. "THE PROPHET.", Realization 3 (5): 39, September-October 1903,, retrieved 2016-05-09, "Edited and published by KENNETH SYLVAN GUTHRIE. Issued for the BROTHERHOOD OF THE ETERNAL COVENANT. Devoted to the attainment of spiritual experience and communion. Exclusively the writing of Dr. Guthrie, and of special value. Monthly: 10 cents a copy; $1.00 a year. Lamott, Pa."