Arabian Degree Klan

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Arabian Degree Klan

From advertisement for A.D.K. ritual (1905)

Type Burlesque Degree
Purpose/focus Fraternity

The Arabian Degree Klan is a burlesque degree that was written by James A. Wamsley of Philadelphia for implementation by fraternal organisations and other groups looking for an evenings entertainment.


  • Wamsley, J. A. (1901), Ritual of the Arabian Degree Klan: A Side Degree for the use of Secret Societies, Clubs, all Organizations, and for the Formation of a New Lodge, Camden, N.J.: C.S. MacGrath, Printer 


As the A.D.K. is a side degree for entertainment purposes, there is and was no central governing body, only local social groups in for the lark. According to the ritual, each A.D.K. group ought to be officered as follows: Imperial High Potentiate, Grand Wizard, Grand Magi, Prophet of the Klan, Oriental Guide, First Regulator, Second Regulator, Grand Secretary, Grand Boodler, Inside Lictor, Outside Lictor, and Attending Physician.

A.D. Klans

Per newspaper reports of local activities.

Location Designation Sponsoring Fraternity Year Notes
San Jose, CA No. 4–11–44 - 1896 [1]
Omaha, NB - - 1897 [2]
Reynoldsville, PA - National Patriotic Order Sons of America, Washington Camp No. 268 (DuBois) 1901 [3]
Scranton, PA - Junior Order of United American Mechanics 1901 [4]
Eureka, UT - Foresters of America, Court Gladstone No. 6 1903 [5]
Sinnamahoning, PA - - 1904 [6]
Lewiston, ID - Foresters 1904 [7]
Wilmington, DE - N.P.O.S. of A., Camp 4 1904 [8]
Santa Cruz, CA - Woodmen of the World, Cerritto Camp (Berkeley) 1905 [9]
Minneapolis, MN - Jr. O.U.A.M., Washington Council, No. 1 1906 [10]
Rathdrum, ID - National Guard, Company E 1908 [11]
Calumet, MI - Knights of the Golden Eagle, Garfield Castle 1909 [12]
Washington, DC Moolah Klan - 1910 [13]
Enola, PA - - 1914 [14]
Philadelphia, PA - K.G.E., Columbia Castle 1914 [15]