Antonio d'Angelo

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Antonio d'Angelo (June 13, 1890 - d. 1948) was an Italian Catholic priest of the Jesuit order who received a patent for a motor he claimed could generate more electricity than is input by exploiting the "inter-atomic energy of the ions."[i]

Selected Patents

  • US2021177. Motor Generator & Other Transformer. 19 Nov. 1935, filed 30 Mar. 1933. "An object of the present invention is the provision of inexpensive, durable and reliable machines for transforming direct or alternating current into a single-phase or multi-phase alternating current or direct current of any desired voltage. Another object is the adaptation of a machine provided with a pole-armature carrying a primary circuit and a secondary circuit for transforming direct current into a direct current of any desired voltage. A further object is the provision of a new method for winding the secondary circuit on the pole-armature of a machine, said method resulting in an increase in electromotive forces developed in the secondary circuit."

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  1. This may find comparison to the technology described in the Serviss novel A Columbus of Space (1909), in which Edmund Stonewall, a science hero, exploits "inter-atomic energy" to power a ship that travels to the planet Venus.