Winged Pharaoh (1937 novel)

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Winged Pharaoh
Author Joan Grant
Publisher Arthur Baker
Location London
Pub. date 1937
Language English
Followed by Life as Carola (1939)

Winged Pharaoh is a 1937 English-language "previous life autobiography" by Joan Grant, relating events that dictated while the author was in a trance-state that were claimed to be Far Memory of the author's past life as Sekhet-a-Ra, or Meri-Nyet (Merneith), an Egyptian royal and descendant of Meniss (Menes) during the Egyptian First Dynasty period (3100 BC - 2900 BC) who, in the course of the story, becomes a co-Pharaoh with Neyah (Den), her brother, at the city of Me'n-atetiss (Memphis) and participates in the defense of Egypt against an invasion by Zuma (Sumer).


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