William M. Elias

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William M. Elias
Born 12 August 1841(1841-08-12) 
Died 3 July 1927 (85) [1]
New York
Burial Spring Hill Cemetery, Charleston, West Virginia [1]
Nationality American
Known for "Great American Dollar Store"
Elias Electro Galvanic Medal
Spouse(s) Ella M. [Ward] (m. 1878)
Relative(s) Ellis H. Elias
Henry P. Elias
Richard H. Elias
From a scene depicted in E.W. Martin's "The Secrets of the Great City" (1868)

William Moses Elias (August 12, 1841 - July 3, 1927) was an American merchant and businessman, noted as one of the Elias Brothers, who, under the leadership of Ellis H. Elias, were counted as the preeminent swindlers in New York City during the 1870s.[2] In the nostrum world, Elias's brief involvement in the galvanic battery trade led to his patenting of the Elias Electro Galvanic Medal.


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