William M. Bowman

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William M. Bowman
Born 15 August 1834(1834-08-15)
Stark County, Ohio
Died 30 September 1933 (99)
Placerville, El Dorado Co., California
Burial Shingle Springs, El Dorado Co., California

William M. Bowman (August 15, 1834 - September 30, 1933) was an American prospector and inventor who received press attention for his construction of an "automatic tomb" at his claim near Shingle Springs in El Dorado county, California, where he spent the last decades of his life in relative seclusion, earning him the moniker the Hermit of Sierra. Bowman was also reported to have spent several years working on the problem of perpetual motion, though was forced to abandon his experimenting due to failing vision.

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