William Alexander Redding

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W. A. Redding
W. A. Redding - portrait.jpg

As depicted in print, c. 1896

Born William Alexander Redding
21 February 1855(1855-02-21) [1]
Died 3 July 1935 (80) [1]
Los Angeles, California
Burial Roosevelt Cemetery, Los Angeles, CA
Spouse(s) Rebecca Anna [Beishline] (m. 1910) [2]

William Alexander Redding (February 21, 1855 - July 3, 1935) was an American religious writer and prophesier who boasted to having foretold the First World War in the late 1890s.

Selected Bibliography

Redding wrote a series of pamphlets and texts that were collected as a series by Ernest Loomis & Co., including:

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Additionally, Redding contributed to periodicals, including The Aquarian Age, and published his own newsletter, The Davidic Age.