Vegetable Man

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Vegetable Man (Veggieman) is an unknown entity that was reportedly encountered by Jennings H. Frederick on his father's farm near Rivesville in Marion County, West Virginia during July 1968. Per Frederick's account, the "Vegetable Man" spoke to him, requesting aid, and then hypnotically paralysed him and drew a quantity of blood. The entity was described by Frederick as having typical bipedal structure, albeit very slender and green with features suggestive of a vegetable, distinguished in particular by its long, thin arms — perhaps similar to cephalopod limbs — with three digits at the end of each, these having suckers and needle-like tips that were used to draw the blood.


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  • Syd Barrett of Pink Floyd penned a song entitled "Vegetable Man" in late 1967, during the period the group was planning and recording their third album, A Saucerful of Secrets. The song was ultimately not included on that album nor given an official release until 2016.