Uncle Sam's Eagles

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Uncle Sam's Eagles

From "Ritual of Uncle Sam's Eagles" (1905)
Type Burlesque Degree
Purpose/focus Fraternity

Uncle Sam's Eagles was an American fraternal organisation, active beginning in the early twentieth century, and based around a burlesque degree written by Dr. James A. Wamsley of Philadelphia.


As the U.S.E. is a side degree for entertainment purposes, there is and was no central governing body, only local social groups in for the lark. According to the ritual, each U.S.E. lodge, or Nest, ought to be officered as follows: Uncle Sam, Columbia, Yankee Doodle, Bald Eagle, Chief Ink Slinger, Chief Cass Bosser, Guide of Nest, Sergeant, Orderly, Captain of Squad, Inside Sentinel, Outside Sentinel, Page to Columbia, and Master of Ceremonies. The regalia of the nest was, as one might expect, themed around the colours and symbols of the United States of America.