Twentieth Century Orient

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Not to be confused with Masonic Grand Orients, such as the Order of the Grand Orient de France.
Twentieth Century Orient
Formation ~1890s
Type Burlesque Degree
Purpose/focus Fraternity

The 20th Century Orient or Order of the Grand Orient was an American fraternal organisation, active in the late nineteenth century, professedly dedicated to higher social aims of equality and reason,[1] but mainly notable for hosting parties and parades. The initiation ritual of the order, as published by Pettibone Brothers of Cincinnati (and later Allen Publishing Co. of New York), was a burlesque pastiche of pseudo-Orientalism, pseudo-Masonry, drinking songs, and vulgar in-jokes, often outright racist and sexist in character.



  1. Gould, S. C., ed. (November 1896), Order of the Grand Orient, "Masonic and Arcane Societies in the U.S.", Miscellaneous Notes and Queries 14 (11): 278,;view=1up;seq=292, retrieved 2016-10-15, "This Order is comparatively quite modern, it having been taken from other existing rites and reconstructed. Its principles read thus: "To recognize and assert that there is no exclusive possession of education, wealth or position; that all men were born equal; to elevate man's social position; to germinate thought and gather reason from symbolism; to recognize these principles as having existed since time began; to promulgate and maintain them while we live, and to hand down to and enjoin upon posterity their existence, until Time shall be no more." This Order is conferred in nearly all the large cities."