Theodor Laurence

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Theodor Laurence was a writer interested in occultism and allied subjects who published popular works on the Tarot and psychosymbology as well as in the vein of positive thinking and "mind power."

Selected Bibliography

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    Cover text: "A shocking report on the growing power and influence of WITCHES and SATAN-WORSHIPPERS in contemporary America! Are you a victim of the 'new breed' of EVIL MAGICIANS now seeking to gain absolute control over our lives?"

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    Reverse text: "Psychic dynamite is what you have in your hands right now. This is not merely a book, nor is it for the timid. It is meant for those with the daring and courage of the astronaut, of the inward searcher — for those not afraid to use real power. This is your personal key, your dynamic PROGRAM to a lifetime of riches, fame, health, enjoyment, happiness, and — last but not least — POWER!"

  • Laurence, Theodor (1981), The New Miracle Dynamics: Amazing Power for Daily Living, West Nyack, N.Y.: Parker Pub. Co. 

Two earlier books credited to Theodor Laurence and published by Ultima Books of Los Angeles, Calif. were apparently written by J. L. Kullinger. Similarly, a book called The Astrological Guide to Sex (NY: Popular Library, 1972), credited to Theodor Lawrence, was written by Edward J. Hoscoe.