The Woman Eater (1958 film)

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(The Woman Eater)
Directed by Charles Saunders
Produced by Guido Coen
Written by Brandon Fleming
Starring George Coulouris, Vera Day
Music by Edwin Astley
Cinematography Ernest Palmer
Edited by Seymour Logie
Fortress Film Productions
Distributed by Eros Films (U.K.); Columbia Pictures (U.S.)
Running time
70 minutes
Country United Kingdom
Language English

Womaneater (also released as The Woman Eater) is a British sci-fi horror film about a carnivorous tree that is transported from the Amazon to England by Dr. Moran (George Coulouris) and Tanga (Jimmy Vaughan), who feed women to the tree — thus the title of the film — as part of an effort to produce a serum that is able to resurrect the dead.


  • George Coulouris as Dr. Moran
  • Vera Day as Sally
  • Peter Wayn (Peter Forbes-Robinson) as Jack Venner
  • Jimmy Vaughan as Tanga
  • Joyce Gregg as Margaret Santor
  • Norman Claridge as Dr. Paterson
  • Robert MacKenzie as Lewis Carling
  • Marpessa Dawn as Native Girl
  • Sara Leighton as Susan Curtis
  • Joy Webster as Judy
  • Edward Higgins as Sgt. Bolton
  • Maxwell Foster as Inspector Brownlow
  • Harry Ross as Bristow