The Night Side of Nature (1848 book)

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The Night Side of Nature;
or, Ghosts and Ghost Seers

Title page of Vol. II, 1st 1848 ed.
Author Catherine Crowe
Location London
Pub. date 1848
Country United Kingdom
Language English

The Night Side of Nature; or, Ghosts and Ghost Seers is an 1848 two-volume text by Catherine Crowe that documents cases of apparent psychical and ghostly phenomena, both of historical and then-contemporary Victorian origin.



  1. Introduction
  2. The Dwellers in the Temple
  3. Waking and Sleeping, and How the Dweller in the Temple sometimes looks aboard
  4. Allegorical Dreams, Presentiments, &c.
  5. Warnings
  6. Double Dreaming and Trance, Wraiths, &c.
  7. Wraiths
  8. Doppelgangers, or Doubles
  9. Apparitions
  10. The Future that awaits us
  11. The Power of Will
  12. Troubled Spirits
  13. Haunted Houses
  14. Spectral Lights, and Apparitions attached to Certain Families
  15. Apparitions seeking the Prayers of the Living
  16. The Poltergeist of the Germans, and Possession
  17. Miscellaneous Phenomena
  18. Conclusion