Telaug (telepathic augmentive device)

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The telaug (abbr. of telepathic augmentive device,[S] telepathic augmentor) is a technological instrument that appears in the work of Richard S. Shaver, often in the form of a disc or some otherwise portable device that generates beams/rays (telaug rays) of an unknown type that the operator of the instrument, typically a Dero, uses to telepathically communicate, read thoughts, or to otherwise manipulate the mind of target individuals, as well as to record thoughts and transmit such recordings.

Some enthusiasts of the Shaver Mystery were inspired to construct their own telaug machines using conventional radio technologies. These include the Project Hermes schematic released in 1951 by Ralph Holland (a.k.a. Rolf Telano), who claimed his design had been channelled from the spirit of Nikola Tesla, and a later design, the Star Mech, produced by Edward John; of these two, only John actively manufactured his devices, shipping them from his home workshop in San Francisco to interested parties for experimentation. A further device, inspired by the earlier Holland and John designs, was produced by Joe Ponciano of Chicago Space Age Club in the mid-1960s, who reported experimental success in achieving stimulating episodes of "clairaudience, clairvoyance, telepathy, precognition and retrocognition."


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