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Welcome to a new world

The day the fantasy died. The experts were taken by surprise. All of normalcy was shattered that morning, and we knew. We knew. We knew we were not alone in the great forests, long thought conquered by our brave ancestors... or were we? What did we know? What could we know?

Who were the Beelzebubs that plotted to film the Bigfoot? 24 frames per second, 18 frames per second, or was it 16? You may or may not have swallowed the official stories; maybe you believe the skeptical line, maybe you're a true believer in its authenticity. We hope to answer all your questions, with the same investigative tenacity that you have come to expect from the associates at Kook Science.

Our consciousness has been altered. What if it wasn't an accident? What if it wasn't beyond the filmmaker's control? What if it was all planned to make you disbelieve?

What if the Bigfoot is real?