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An 1880 advertisement by T. A. Slocum for a consumption (tuberculosis) cure.

T. A. Slocum was a patent medicine vendor whose name was used by T. A. Slocum Co. of New York and T. A. Slocum Chemical Co. of Toronto, Ontario (Canada), manufacturers and distributors of Psychine and Ozomulsion, among other patent medicine products.

T. A. Slocum as a Trade Name

  • 1880: 181 Pearl Street, New York [1]
  • 98 Pine Street
T. A. Slocum Co.
Purpose/focus Manufacture and sale of patent medicines
Headquarters New York
Key people Parker R. Whitcomb, A. Frank Richardson

T. A. Slocum Co.

At some point, the Slocum name was acquired by a group of investors, including Parker R. Whitcomb, also known as Prof. W. H. Peeke (of Prof. Peeke's Remedy for Epilepsy), who was also involved in with the firms of Oxojell Co. and Ozomulsion Co., and A. Frank Richardson, likewise involved with Ozomulsion, as well as Cranitonic Hair Food Co. In 1919, following the death of Whitcomb and retirement (bankruptcy) of Richardson, Beatrice Hoyt, Richardson's daughter, and her husband Oscar Hoyt took over the company.[2]

  • 1890: 181 Pearl Street, New York
  • 1893: 183 Pearl St., New York — address shared with H. G. Root, manufacturer of Elepizone.
  • 1898: 96 and 98 Pine St., New York
  • 1908: 548 Pearl St., New York
T. A. Slocum Chemical Co.
Purpose/focus Manufacture and sale of patent medicines
Headquarters Toronto, Ontario
Region served Canada
Key people L. S. Levee

T. A. Slocum Chemical Co.

Also known as T. A. Slocum & Co., later absorbed by Dr. T. A. Slocum Ltd. (under L. S. Levee), based in Toronto, Ontario.

  • 37 Yonge St., Toronto, Ont.
  • 179 King Street West, Toronto


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