Cranitonic Hair Food Co.

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Cranitonic Hair Food Co.

Formation 6 May 1899
Legal status Defunct
Purpose/focus Manufacture and sale of hair tonics
Headquarters New York City
Location 809 and 32 Temple Court; 526 W. Broadway
Key people A. Frank Richardson, Frederick Lancaster

Cranitonic Hair Food Co. was a New York-based patent medicine manufacturer and distributor, founded in 1899 by A. Frank Richardson (then acquired around 1905 by the Knickerbocker Drug Co., later by the Kells Co.), which sold a line of tonics and remedies that promised treatment for hair loss and other concerns of hair and scalp health.

Cranitonic Preparations


Based in New York City, the company was situated:

  • 1899: 809 Temple Court Building, New York
  • 1899: 32 Temple Court, New York
  • 1900-?: 526 W. Broadway, New York