Sydney Blanshard Flower

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Sydney Blanshard Flower
Born 18 September 1867(1867-09-18) [i]
Liverpool, Lancashire, England, United Kingdom
Died 26 April 1943 (75)
Roseburg, Douglas Co., Oregon
Affiliations Psychic Research Co. (Chicago, Ill.); New Thought Book Dept. (Chicago, Ill.)

Sydney Blanshard Flower (September 18, 1867 - April 26, 1943) was a British-born American publisher and writer interested in many varieties of the esoteric and unorthodox, spanning New Thought and Zoism to W. H. Schuessler's cell salts and J. R. Brinkley's Goat-Gland Transplant cure.

Selected Bibliography

In addition to his books, Flower was the editor-publisher of various magazines, including Hypnotic Magazine, New Thought (with William Walker Atkinson), and The Yogi.

Press Coverage

"Royal Ten" Scheme (1904)

Pamater Kent Scheme (1907-'10)

Regarding the fraudulent South Nevada Copper Syndicate and Flower's promotion of it in his magazines.


  1. Flower seems to have variously given his year of birth as 1878 or later when he emigrated to the United States, though British christening and census records show him as having been at least ten years older.